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Susie Ibarra is a Filipino American Percussionist, composer, and improviser of jazz, opera, experimental, and avant-garde music. She is probably best known for her work as a free jazz drummer, and is noted for her dynamic range and expressive technique, as well as her incorporation of diverse styles and influences, such as kulintang, gamelan, spoken word and electronica. She was voted "Rising Star" in the 57th Annual Critics Poll (2009) of DownBeat Magazine in the Percussion category.

She learned to play piano as a child, and played drums for a punk rock band while in high school. While at Sarah Lawrence College in the late 1980s, Ibarra attended a Sun Ra performance which she has credited with kindling her interest in jazZ.

she now resides in New York City. An international artist she has performed and collaborated with such noted artists as Pauline Oliveros, John Zorn, Dave Douglas, Yusef Komunyakaa, Trisha Brown, Tania Leon, Derek Bailey, Ikue Mori, Sylvie Courvoisier, William Parker, Dr. L Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamurti, Wadada Leo Smith, Mark Dresser,humanfolk, Arto Lindsay, Thurston Moore, Prefuse 73, and Yo La Tengo. She received her music diploma from the Mannes College of Music and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Goddard College. Her teachers include Milford Graves, Vernel Fournier, Buster Smith, and Philippine Kulintang with Danongan Kalanduyan and the Kalanduyan family. Ibarra was a 2008 recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Philippine Fellowship

SPEED GLUE & SHINKI" Heavy Freak Fuzz from the far east..

"Speed, Glue & Shinki" is a psychedelic rock power trio formed in 1970 by guitarist Shinki Chen, and Ikuzo Orita, the president of Polydor Records. with former Golden Cups bassist Masayoshi Kabe, and Filipino singer-drummer Joey Smith, whom Shinki had discovered performing at a shopping centre in Yokohama. The band took their name from Smith's use of amphetamines, and Kabe's interest of sniffing Pro-Bond glue during the 1960s. Speed, Glue and Shinki released their debut album Eve in 1971, but immediately split up as Shinki and Kabe couldn't tolerate Smith's personal life. After they disbanded, a large double-LP was independently released by Smith, titled Speed, Glue & Shinki, which was mostly the work of Joey Smith; sampling guitar recordings of Shinki from previous studio work. However, it also featured two unreleased songs titled Sniffin & Snortin, and Run & Hide which had been recorded for Eve but cut from the final release, as they did not fit the album's overall sound. Thereafter, Shinki took a disliking to recording music, and decided to become a live musician only; which he continues to present day. Kabe continued his own successful music career, while Smith reinvented his stage persona as "Pepe Smith" and returned to the Philippines, where he has become something of a phenomenon with his Pinoy Rock group, Juan Dela Cruz Band. [3]



Started out as a garage band in manila during the early 70's & a mainstay act at rino's bar balahibo electronic band is a freak out psyche group composed of rey manansala on guitars, edgar manansala on organ tony rodriguez on bass , manny salvador on drums dani boogie on percussions. they also performed as a rock act in musical plays such as jesus christ superstar with boy camara & maya valdez. recorded a rare pinoy 45s psyche gem on villar records in 1974 titled Death Without Fear and JC Will Come. which resulted into a cosmic bubble of fuzz out driven guitar! an Out-bloody- rageously amazing band.