Monday, June 14, 2010

The bagobo: Beauty & the lost art..

The Bagobo is a tribe that traces its origin from the people who brought Hinduism to Mindanao during the Sri Vijayan and Majapahit invasion. When the people inter-married with the locals, they formed a new society and came up with the name Bagobo.

The word “Bagobo” is derived from the root word “bago,” which means “new” or “recent” while the “obo” suffix means “grow” in the tribe’s dialect.

The Bagobo are proud people with proto Malayan features. A strong social structure has enabled the group to blend well with the main body politic while retaining their indigenous customs, music, beliefs and cultural values. While most of them now are in economically depressed circumstances, a great number have attained a considerable degree of self-sufficiency. Most of the Bagobo have suffered dislocation from the loss of their ancestral lands and the effects of modern day insurgency.

Bagobo have ornate traditions in weaponry and other metal arts. They are noted for their skill in producing brass articles through the ancient lost-wax process. They also weave abacca cloths of earth tones and make baskets that are trimmed with beads, fibers and horse's hair.